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4 Keys to an Epic Fundraising Story

Get to the Point: 3:40 is your time limit. Make the most and be succinct. According to corporate communications expert Dianna Booher, “If you can’t write your message in a sentence, you can’t say it in an hour.”

The “Why’s” Have It: Focus on your “Why” instead of your “What” when pitching to investors, who don’t care a great deal about what your product is, rather why you’re offering it and why it fills a need in the market.

Differentiation is a Must: Deliver a value proposition that is clear, compelling, and significantly differentiates you and your product from everything else currently on the market. Be sure to address why this product is unique and why it even matters.

Financials Matter: Ultimately, investors will put their funding behind people and products that produce a financial return. Show them the figures on market sizing, growth potential, revenue, and ROI. Outlining exit strategies is important as well.

By Ines LeBow, CEO & Transformation Executive, Enterprise Transformation Solutions

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