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  • How much equity should I reserve for an equity incentive plan?
  • What forms of equity should be granted under the plan?
  • How much equity is appropriate for a consultant, an employee, and an advisor?
  • How do you determine the fair market value of equity grants? 

Startup Equity Lawyer

Granting startup equity to your team is an integral part of building your startup. We understand how important incentivizing your team is and how granting equity to your team can make all the difference in the growth of a startup.

Understanding Equity Incentive Plans: Aligning Interests for Startup Success

NEXT’s fixed fee legal packages like our equity incentive plans help ensure all stakeholders are aligned and the company is protected.  Granting equity to your team can be tricky – NEXT is able to customize to your specific legal and business needs. Some of our packages around equity grants include: 

  • Preparing your Equity Incentive Plan and related documents
  • Assistance in securing and adopting a 409A valuation
  • Management of EIP Grants in CARTA

What our Clients Say