Forming Company

  • Are you forming an LLC or a C-Corporation? 
  • Do you understand the differences and benefits of each?
  • Will you form the entity in Delaware? 
  • Do you have a co-founder and how will you allocate equity in your company? 
  • Will founder equity vest?
  • Did you form as a LLC but now are seeking outside capital so you need to convert to a C-Corporation? 

These and many more questions are essential to consider before launching your startup. As company formation lawyers, we can help you navigate these and other critical decisions and take the journey with you, from the launch phase to raising capital, and to the growth phase and beyond.

NEXT’s fixed fee legal formation packages cover the most popular entity structures. We typically select Delaware as the jurisdiction of choice for our clients, but if needed, as company formation lawyers, we can also customize to your specific legal and business needs. Our formation packages include: 

  • LLC: Single Member & Multi Member 
  • C-Corp: Single Shareholder 
  • C-Corp: Multiple Shareholders
  • Converting from an LLC to a C-Corp
  • Cap Table Creation and Management in CARTA
  • Stockholders’ Agreement for Multiple Shareholders

What our Clients Say