The Future
of Startup Law

for Early & Growth Stage Companies

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Personalized Legal Advice

Exclusive Discounts

Business Partner Resources

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Predictable Approach:

The Predictable Approach to Personalized Legal Services for Startups and Emerging Growth Companies Including:

  • Startup Formation
  • Seed Capital to Series A and Beyond
  • Product Launch
  • Business Operations
  • Employee Growth & Compensation
  • Company Expansion
  • M&A Events

“We are transforming the way legal services are packaged, priced, delivered and serviced to fully align with today’s fast-paced, lean startup company needs.”

Anthony Millin,

NEXT Chair

ADVANTAGES of the NEXT Program

Predictable, Fixed-fee Legal Costs

makes it easy to budget for the first time

Personalized Advisory Consultation

resolves your specific business and legal matters

Wide Range of Available Legal Services

addresses startup and growth stage company needs

Access to Senior Business Attorneys

ensures you get the leading experts in every practice area when you need them

Access to a Technology Platform

integrating Nasdaq Boardvantage, Ushare, Carta and more to simplify and streamline the attorney-client interaction process in a way that’s convenient for you

Become a NEXT Client Member for even

Membership Includes:

  • Multi-Channel Collaboration And Communication
    with senior attorneys via ushare web-based platform
  • Curated, Discounted NEXT Premier Business Partner Services
    (hr, office space, accounting, banking, insurance, and more!) delivers significant cost savings
  • NEXT Concierge Services
    such as invitations to key industry events, pitch programs and conferences at special rates
  • Additional Discounts On Hourly Legal Services
  • Co-Branded Offerings Delivered By NEXT Marketplace Partners
    (marketing, software development, staffing, and more!) saves tremendous time and effort
  • Exclusive Nasdaq TV Interview
    promoted on nasdaq and social media channels