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Bob Canter
Co-Chair – Tax

Clients hire Robert B. Canter when they need a seasoned commercial tax lawyer who understands how to develop tax-efficient deal structures which not only create real value for them (i.e., tax savings) but also position their companies for future growth. Bob has been entrusted with many clients’ “bet-the-company” business transactions involving complicated tax issues for over three decades. He has earned this trust because he is consistent, reliable, produces excellent work products, and is a pleasure to work with.

Bob’s clients benefit from his noteworthy background. In addition to his law degree, he holds a Masters of Law in Taxation and has held positions within the Office of the General Counsel at the Internal Revenue Service and at the U.S. Tax Court. Clients profit from this rare tax-specific education and governmental experience, coupled with more than 30 years experience in private practice.  He has a unique combination of skills, derived from his years of assisting businesses in all aspects of their formation and growth, as well as his depth of knowledge in business taxation matters.

Recognizing that simply providing tax analysis to a client is a step away from the core business issues involved in the formation, expansion, and survival of a company, Bob has broadened his practice so that he provides not only tax assistance on transactional matters, but also applies his legal drafting and negotiating skills to many other complex business matters. He has helped shepherd many companies through the full business cycle – from startup, raising initial and subsequent rounds of financing, and successful sales. Bob has been responsible for drafting and negotiating merger and acquisition agreements for business sales or acquisitions ranging from relatively small sales to private investors to those involving large company sales in excess of $200 million. With his background in federal income taxation matters, Bob has assisted a large number of clients in obtaining tax-exempt status and complying with tax and corporate governance rules applicable to tax-exempt entities. In addition, he frequently handles appeals to the Internal Revenue Service of proposed tax assessments and the preparation and submission to the Internal Revenue Service of requests for private letter rulings.

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