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NEXT disrupts the legal industry by offering a broad range of fixed-fee, packaged legal services from senior attorneys and partners addressing foundational business needs and transactions for startups.

NEXT Legal Service Packages

  • Created by Shulman Rogers attorneys with wide-ranging legal expertise
  • Grouped according to legal subject areas, with new packages released regularly
  • High touch personalized service
  • Fixed fee

NEXT Legal Service Bundles

  • Groups of multiple packages addressing related and or recurring business needs
  • Deliver additional cost savings over individual package prices
  • Customizable
    upon request
  • Fixed fee

ADVANTAGES for Startups

Predictable, Fixed-fee Legal Costs

makes it easy to budget for the first time

Personalized Advisory Consultation

resolves your specific business and legal matters

Wide Range of Available Legal Services

addresses startup and growth stage company needs

Access to Senior Business Attorneys

ensures you get the leading experts in every practice area when you need them

Access to a Technology Platform

integrating Nasdaq Boardvantage, Ushare, Carta and more that simplifies and streamlines the attorney-client interaction process in a way that’s convenient for you

Legal Service Packages

Delivered through a hands-on, high touch approach that includes time with senior attorneys for strategic advice or to address your specific legal questions.

  • Entity Formation and Conversion
  • Financing
  • Employment, Advisor, and Consultant Agreements
  • Equity Incentive Plan
  • Customer Agreements
  • Intellectual Property/Trademark/Patents/NDAs
  • Employment Handbook and Training
  • Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

More than 40 additional Packages in these legal areas as well as in Immigration, Government Contracting, Technology (Cyber, CFIUS, Privacy) and Risk Management are also available.

“NEXT has made raising outside capital affordable and eliminated the unpredictable costs of the fundraising process. I found the Legal Finance Package included strategic guidance on managing the fundraising process and contained all the documents I needed to handle my equity round at a fraction of the cost of traditional law firm hourly rate pricing.”

Andrew Hoppin,

Co-Founder and CEO of CoverUs

Legal Service Bundles

In addition to the popular Launch Bundle and the Operations Bundle, NEXT offers bundles for post-formation companies, financing, investor readiness, IP and more. The NEXT team can also create custom legal service bundles for Tech Incubators and Accelerators to supplement their program offerings.

Launch Bundle

Delivered through a hands-on, high touch approach that includes time with senior attorneys for strategic advice or to address your specific legal questions.
  • Legal Audit
  • 5 Hours With Senior Attorney for Strategic Guidance
  • Entity Formation
  • One Trademark
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Agreements for Employees, Advisors and Consultants
  • Equity Incentive Plan
  • 30 Minute Immigration Consultation
  • 30 Minute Patent Consultation

Operations Bundle

Manages legal operations, governance requirements and document management using the Nasdaq streamlined software platform and the Carta cap table platform.
  • Legal Document Maintenance
  • Cap Table Maintenance
  • Due Diligence Room – Set up and Maintenance
  • Corporate Minute Book Maintenance
  • Board Meeting Management
  • Monthly Review with NEXT Team