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PitchMasters is Back!

Since PitchMasters creation, over 100 companies have presented their businesses to CEOs, advisors, business attorneys, and investors to gain valuable feedback. At this workshop-style event, companies seeking to become “pitch-perfect” will present their investor decks to the group and receive feedback to help refine their pitch before they go in front of investors. This is a great opportunity for companies to get ready for that “ask.”  

PitchMasters is a free workshop produced as a partnership between NEXT powered by Shulman Rogers, SEED SPOT, and Maryland Tech Council as all of these organizations recognize the vast, innovative talent throughout the East Coast.  

PitchMasters Dates: March 30th, April 28th, May 26th, and June 29th. All events will be held 11am to Noon ET. Founders receive 8 minutes to pitch and 10 minutes of feedback. PitchMasters will be conducted virtually over zoom at this time.  

SIGN UP HERE to Pitch or attend and learn form our experts!

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