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The Monthly Blend Video Podcast: Venture Adventures in the Capital Region

Check out the inaugural episode of The Monthly Blend Video Podcast – hosted by Anthony Millin, Chair of NEXT, and Tien Wong, Founder of Big Idea Connectpreneur and The Phoenix Fund.

Listen to Anna Mason, Partner, Rise of the Rest, and Ollen Douglass, Managing Partner of The Motley Fool, as they discuss, with Co-hosts Tien Wong and Anthony Millin, the state of Venture Capital in DMV including where it is now and where it could be in the future and the importance of inclusion and diversity. 

The Monthly Blend is a video podcast for people invested in the DC Metro Region startup ecosystem. A perfect combination of inspiring guests and research-driven discussions to advance sector collaboration. Sign up HERE to receive updates or subscribe to The Monthly Blend on all podcast channels.


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