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Meet NEXT Marketplace Partner Chief Listening Officer

Bob London

What do you love about being an entrepreneur? Two things: the ability to choose who I work with which results in working side-by-side with fascinating founders doing interesting things. Also to spend every day doing what others have told me I’m uniquely great at: helping companies discover what the world looks like from their customers’ perspective.

What makes your business unique? There are plenty of research companies and lots of brand strategy shops, but my clients really value having one resources who combines these two critical skills in one engagement where nothing gets lost in translation from insights to creative execution.

What is the best advice you ever received? “Nothing happens until you sell something.” Alan Peyser, CEO of Cable & Wireless, USA

What is the hardest lesson you ever learned? If you see something in your client’s business, say something. Speak up or risk losing trusted advisor status.

What is an important trend you are watching? How the pandemic will impact customer behavior and B2B marketing budgets.

What advice would you give an entrepreneur starting out? Before you fall in love with your own product, fall in love with the customer’s problem.

What are the best things about the DMV ecosystem and how can it improve? So much opportunity and willingness to add two-way value – people are so willing to help.

Thank you Bob! For more information about Chief Listening Officer and Bob, click here.



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