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How to Choose a Corporate Mascot

Marstudio, Inc.

Whether it’s bouncing lamps or a talking mouse, corporate mascots have been widely recognized symbols for years. No, not everyone’s company is Pixar or Disney, but a corporate mascot is nonetheless an important step of creating a brand image.

So, with that in mind, you’re probably wondering, “How do I go about choosing a mascot for my company?” We have the answer right here. 

Simply put, a mascot should be a representation of your business. The challenge comes in finding a symbol that unifies your value proposition and company’s mission with a memorable image. For Marstudio, we chose a two-headed kraken. 

Why We Released the Kraken 

When we created our mascot, the first step we took was evaluating our brand. We are a strategic branding and creative marketing firm, but our main value stems from the fact that we provide all the various pieces that any company would need for marketing. Whether it’s web, print, multimedia, or film and photo capabilities, we do it all. So, we needed a mascot that would reflect our diverse skillset. Enter the kraken. 

The kraken is the ideal balance of mythical and realistic. The idea itself stems from the creativity of Scandinavian folklore, symbolic of our own creative spirit and imagination. The kraken’s body is soft and flexible, allowing it to squeeze through small spaces, while still spreading itself wide enough to use its considerable power. 

Making the Kraken Our Own 

Once we settled on the creature, we retooled the concept to fit our vision, adding another head and 8 more tentacles. The 16 tentacles are essential to the symbolism behind our mascot, because each limb represents the multi-armed approach we take to marketing. We can simultaneously dip our fingers into many different capabilities, whether its print, web, multimedia, and more.

The two-heads were also consciously picked to convey a deeper meaning. One head represents us, the marketing firm, while the other represents you, our client. This is representative of how our business thrives on creating a positive working relationship. After all, no one is more of an expert on your business than you – so we employ your knowledge and combine it with our own marketing expertise to create a truly unique product. 

Finding the perfect mascot took some time, but it was wholly worth it in the end. Your mascot should be a distinct visual cue and representation of your business. It should be able to reassert your value proposition and serve as a reminder to your team, your clients, and future clients of all that you can do. 

If you are a company in need of creating a mascot or incorporating a mascot idea into your brand, Marstudio can help. Contact us to set up a free consultation.

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