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Greg Grant
Co-Chair – Employment

Greg Grant’s primary focus is the protection of his client’s legal rights, business interests, and competitive advantages.  As an experienced client counselor and advocate with more than 25 years of experience representing all types of business entities, owners, and executives (including officers and directors), Greg understands business, and from first-hand experience knows that litigation or arbitration are strategic options/tools – NOT a goal to aspire to. He evaluates each client, and each particular challenge, in order to ascertain the best strategy to diffuse or defeat his client’s crisis or adversary.

Greg brings extensive experience to the Firm and his clients including an array of employment and business operations-related successes – as well as many years of dispute avoidance and resolution for his clients – whether locally in Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia – or across the country wherever they regularly transact business. While serving as a trusted counsel to corporate management or business owners each day, he also represents companies in breach of contract, fraud, negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, and other business or employment-related disputes. He also assists partners/owners in negotiated or litigated “business divorces” and related disassociation or dissolution matters.

Employing his pragmatic, Mid-Western approach, Greg guides clients through the complexities presented by evolving federal and state laws governing employees, officers, directors, minority shareholders/members, independent contractors, and the joint venture partners they may affiliate with or be responsible to. He provides his clients with candid feedback, options, and expectations when they contemplate taking action or are forced to defend themselves in court, arbitration, or before an administrative agency. Developing a cost-effective strategy toward a successful resolution is paramount, and Greg draws upon various tactics such as the implementation of “best practices”, training, negotiation, or mediation but, when necessary, aggressively uses litigation or arbitration, to attain an outcome-focused on each client’s best interests. 

For over 25 years Greg has also counseled government contractors with regard to their day-to-day operations, unique employment-related concerns and obligations, and federal compliance matters. He assists clients in understanding and satisfying both their current and anticipated obligations under the OFCCP and Affordable Care Act, defends them in civil litigation including subcontract, teaming agreement, and employment-related disputes, as well as in civil prosecutions including False Claims Act allegations. In administrative matters, he has represented contractors in EEOC or state/local administrative actions, DOL/OFCCP or state audits, and civil suspension and debarment proceedings resulting from IG or DOJ investigations and prosecutions. In the courtroom and before arbitration panels, Greg handles complex matters involving employee-employer, contracts/subcontracts, and officer/director obligations and/or disputes. As a result, he regularly pursues Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO’s) and Preliminary Injunctions in both state and federal courts when prosecuting restrictive covenant (non-compete and non-solicitation), confidentiality (non-disclosure), and trade secret violations.

In recognition of his leadership and management skills, Greg has served on the Board of Directors of the Firm for the past 5 years, and he co-chairs Shulman Rogers’ Employment & Labor Group, Business Litigation Practice, and its Virginia practice.

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